To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common--this is my symphony.
~William Henry Channing

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day Full of Sweetness

The sunny morning has turned to a blustery gray afternoon but I didn't realize it until just a little while ago. I've mentioned in passing before about a moms group that gets together every week usually here at my house. It has been such a blessing to hang out and be with these delightful women and today was no exception. Nothing spectacular happened, it was just a great time of fellowship and fun. I know that the older women are to teach the younger but honestly I learn so much more from this group of youngsters (I can say things like that now that I'm forty) and I'm not sure what I have to impart to them except an open door and a happy welcome. The sweetness of friends...there's nothing like it. Especially when it comes with so many precious little ones to cuddle and love on.
After the crowd had thinned out I got to try out a new brownie pan that a sweet newly married couple gave me over the weekend. It's called the edge brownie pan and it is designed to give every cut brownie a nice and chewy edge.

The brownies turned out delicious looking...someone else will have to weigh in on the taste because I am successfully sticking to my diet...the brownies are going to church tonight as a dessert.

In just a bit Emily will be home and we'll be baking another sweet treat. Tomorrow is her birthday and over the weekend her Nana bought her a giant cookie baking set that we'll use to bake up a yummy treat to share with her friends at school tomorrow.
I am enjoying being in the kitchen more and more. I'm also beginning to feel more comfortable and adventurous in that realm. I've come across some amazing food blogs that help and inspire me in that direction. And that sweet couple that gave me the awesome brownie pan also gave me a wonderful cookbook full of recipes all geared toward dutch oven cooking!
Life is sweet!


Jane said...

I don't see why they haven't come out with a brownie pan that is just the middle, chewy, gooey pieces.

Pan inventors are so bias and obviously don't think about the sane people who appreciate the middles.

I'm not sure how the whole design thing would go...but that's for those bias pan inventors to figure out. I'm just the hungry customer.

iarepilotswife said...

And we're back to the whole brownie edge argument, hmm?

I'm sorry to involve you, Marty, but Kait and I have been down this road before and she's very sore about this whole edge/middle thing.

I think it's time she admitted that edge brownies are just better than middle ones.

Lauren said...

The middle ones are better Mel. It is time to just step down and realize that your firstborn is just plain right about this one. I am 100% with Kait. I knew I liked her. She has a good head on her shoulders.

iarepilotswife said...

It's like I'm taking crazy pills!

Who are you people?

Marty said...

May I just say that the brownies are are the best of both worlds? Seriously, you get that chewy gooey middle goodness with the wonderful distinct's a win win.
Hey, Mel if you have a baby I'll bake you a pan of all edge brownies!
Kait, I'm a little concerned for you...I'm sensing some anger and bitterness issues. You might want to schedule a counseling session with my husband the next time you come for a visit.
Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. Why must you stir up trouble? Never, ever step into the middle of a mother/daughter debate...tsk, tsk.

Jane said...

Mrs. Lauren: I knew I saw potential BFF(brownie friends forever) characteristics in you! We should so totally get together next we visit and have a middles-only Brownie party. Mom can't come. Mrs. Marty? That's questionable...she seems to like both. We'll have to discuss this matter further in our next Brownies meeting.

iarepilotswife said...

She's cantankerous, Marty. And she's lucky I'm such a good, decent, forgiving, Christian person.
And that I'm a big fan of Chinese night.
Cause after the great cookie debacle of 2011...

Well, you know the story.


Jane said...

Mrs. Marty:
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, but since Mrs. Lauren and I clearly already won this debate, I do not find that they are needed, as the issues have subsided.

P.s. Mrs. Lauren - you are awesome.

BeckyJ said...

Oh, I love a good debate!! Count me in!

I was going to bring out the middle child/peacemaker in me and say both camps are correct, that the edges AND the middles are both good. But I can't do it. goes.

It's all about the middle, people. EsPESHally if the brownies are chewy, gooey, and fudgy. Now, if you offer me a brownie and I have to accept an edge piece, I'll gladly do so, and I will probably eat it all just so you're not offended- but just know that on the inside, I left the crispy, dry edge sitting there on the plate where it belongs.

My sons want the brownie edge pan- they saw it in a cool tech geek mag- but what do they know? They're not old enough to make such weighty life decisions yet. And for those of you who *are*, I'm convinced you are just in rebellion.

So I will pray for all you edgy people while enjoying the middle along with my sane sisters, Kait and Lauren.

BeckyJ said...

Oh, and Marty, I am so excited about your dutch oven journey! I hope you share recipes, with pictures, because I am in love with mine.

Donna said...

Silly, silly people, the solution is clear. Let us middle brownie folk eat to the edge and hand over the "crust" to the "other folk". See, everyone wins. :)

Marty said...

Ladies, ladies! Why the division amongst you? Have you forgotten that the true essence of brownie-ness is unity? Brownies are meant to draw us together under the happy and delicious banner of chocolate. So sad to know that you all have forgotten the real purpose and meaning behind that little square of peacefulness.

Lauren said...

I agree with Donna. Us middle folk win. You crusty, edgy peoples . . . need I say more?

Mel, you need these kinds of discussions in your life. These discussions help you to keep growing (if you allow for growth to happen). Just sayin'.

Kait, I am ready to party. When will you be in town???

Rob H said...

While you all were bickering, I ate all the brownies - edges and middle pieces.

Lauren said...

You don't fool me, Rob. We ate them last night at church.

Jane said...


Pastor are so selfish. Didn't you save at least a small middle piece for me?

Amanda said...

oh where did you find this tool from Heaven? I simply must have one!! EDGES RULE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok giant chocolate chip cookies and now gooey brownies with yummy edges (I like both too!;-)) If I do ever get myself on a diet, I know which posts to avoid, missy! You must have the resolve of a soldier!