To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common--this is my symphony.
~William Henry Channing

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

She's Fifteen!

Happy birthday Shugee!

A longer post will be coming we celebrate!


Killlashandra said...

Nice shot! Pretty outfit too. She looks very nice in baby blue. :)

Kait said...
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Kait said...

Happy birthday, my friend! Have a blessed 15th year! Love ya Sarah-Lain!