To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common--this is my symphony.
~William Henry Channing

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Visiting Friends

How did people travel before portable dvd's and V-Smile Pocket?
It rained during our visit with Lori and the kids...a lot. But being the resourceful Mom that she is Lori had a huge bucketful of play dough and all the fun accessories to keep the kids occupied for at least a minute or two.